It's Whatever

Wat's up the name's Landon. Just trying not to fail at life. I'm an art student that's just having fun. So yeah.... it's whatever


Beauty and the Beast:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale.

(Well, modern early 2000)

I made this with my good friend, writer Greg Lockard, back in 2004 for the online daily comic, Young Bottoms In Love. I think it was the first story I created after graduating from college in 2003, so you’ll have to excuse the rough line work and the dated Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reference. I still think it’s a cute though, enjoy!


I’m really starting to love Biancinity.

(Source: garbagecasual)


Alaska Thunderfuck speaking the TRUTH. 

I sometimes say things when I am hungry….mean things…..things that satan tells me to say….and I do……


One time this girl said she could see me being one of those lonely old pet hoarders in the future….to which I responded I can envision me and my 52 dogs watching you on an episode of divorce court after your husband cheated on you with a 16 year old waitress from IHOP……


Some of the tanks at the trade fair today! It was amazing 😁

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